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The official podcast of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where we interview interesting people who are answering God's call.

Co-hosts: Joe Fontenot & Gary Myers

Mixed and Mastered by Micah

From our listeners:

"If you're looking for thoughtful and biblical discussions about interesting topics, then you've found the right podcast!"

"So awesome to hear people in ministry sharing about their callings and how God is using them"

"Highly recommended to anyone who has a heart for the Lord and serving Him!"

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    Gary Habermas discusses apologetics and being a single parent

    Gary Habermas, a leading scholar on the Resurrection--who is also now one of our visiting professors--discussed apologetics from the angle of doubt and personal struggle. Most specifically, he talks about his own time when his wife died and how he made it through that.

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    Frank Turek on the philosophical breaking points of atheistic arguments

    Frank Turek hosts an hour-long TV program each week called "I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist." He's the president of, an apologetics ministry, as well as the author of four books. Today he talks with us about some of the philosophical breaking points of atheistic arguments, but also times when it's best to not give an answer.

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    Thoughts on Christianity, Prisons, and #BlackLivesMatter

    Dr. Kevin Brown (PhD in Urban Studies) is the director of the prison programs at NOBTS, has a U.S. Marshalls badge in his office, and talks about growing up with the civil rights leader, John Perkins.

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    How do we reach Gen Z?

    Dr. David Odom, director of the Youth Ministry Institute and professor of student ministry at NOBTS, walks through key questions about Gen Z, including: what holds this group back from getting involved in the church? And what is the best way to be a mentor to someone who is a Gen Z?

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    "Spiritually, Cubans are way ahead of us"

    Dr. Kathy Steele, director of clinical training at our Leake Magee Counseling Center, has spent the last decade in helping to establish a counseling center in Cuba.

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    Discerning your calling and work

    Page Brooks is a pastor, chaplain, non-profit leader, and professor. He discusses balancing his calling(s) and what it takes to raise up leaders.

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    "Will you continue in spite of what you see?"

    Ryan Rice is the pastor of Connect Church in Algiers (a suburb of New Orleans). Shortly after planting a church, his church merged with another. He discusses why he became a church planter and how he navigated the merger.

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    "We prayed to experience God through a dream" (and we did)

    Byron Cutrer, pastor of Faith Baptist Church in New Orleans, was looking for a way to help his congregate engage in ministry. He began praying to experience God in new and fresh ways. And, then when he went on a short-term mission trip to Italy, he did.

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